Alexa Dilla

After my studies, I worked as a creative director and concept designer for international advertising agencies. I have been living in Berlin as an artist for a few years now.
In the past years, I have been conducting workshops on a cruise ship, which allows me to draw my way around the world. I share my passion for drawing and painting on drawing tours, during workshops and through online courses.


"I love colours and carefree, lively watercolours. My favourite place to paint is right outside in the city. To capture every inspiration, I always have a watercolour sketchbook and Albrecht Dürer Magnus watercolour pens with me. The thick pencils let me create the initial strokes as well as expressive surfaces and backgrounds with freedom and spontaneity. I start my sketches by applying watercolours first, then adding lines using the Ecco pigment. To finish off a sketch, I use a thick Pitt Artist Pen in white to create highlights and emphasise shapes."