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Stylish sustainable table decoration

Sustainable DIY Advent wreath

Would you like to create a slightly different "Advent wreath"? Then you might like this idea with natural materials! 

What you need

  • scissors, hole punch, pencil, white Pitt Artist Pen (1.5) 
  • 4 empty, clean disposable cans
  • white acrylic paint
  • brush
  • 4 white, oblong candles
  • some parcel string
  • cardboard for the stars
  • decorative materials like: Cinnamon sticks, aniseed stars, fir cones/ larch cones, beechnuts, moss, fir branches or similar.
Step 1: Get a large newspaper or painting mat ready and start painting the four tins with white acrylic paint. For a more opaque colour, let the first coat dry and go over it once or twice more. 
If you like, you can also paint the pine cones and beechnuts or other natural materials white or dab them on a little.

Step 2: While you let the tins and materials dry with white paint, you can work on the star pendants. Draw four stars on a cardboard or paper of your choice (tip: the backs of writing pads, for example, work well here). Cut out the four stars and use the hole punch to make a hole in the corner of each star. Write the numbers 1-4 on the stars with the white Pitt Artist Pen and decorate them - we simply used white dots. 

Step 3: When the tins are dry, tie the stars to the tin with the parcel string and a decorative element of your choice with a bow. Place the four tins on the wooden disc. Place the candles in the centre of each tin and fill them with moss so that the candle holds. If necessary, you can also glue the candle to the bottom.

Painting Christmas balls and/or light bulbs

You still have old light bulbs at home? These can be perfect for decorating the table or as creative Christmas baubles. Even white, matt light bulbs can be stylishly designed and spiced up a bit! The Metallics markers are particularly suitable for this. #nothingelsemetals 

What you need

  • grey and silver metallics marker  
  • light grey Pitt Artist Pens 
  • old light baubles


How about some self-designed placemats this year? Whether it's a winter landscape with reindeer or a few branches with baubles and bells... your guests will be amazed! 

What you need

  • grey deco fabric
  • white deco marker or white Pitt Artist Pen 1.5

Napkins/cutlery set

Maybe you have some fabric left over from the placemats that you can use directly as a cutlery set? With a decorated name tag and small decorative elements, even the cutlery looks like a wrapped gift.

What you need

  • decorative fabric
  • parcel string
  • small wooden clothes pegs
  • cardboard
  • hole punch
  • scissors
  • white decorative marker or white Pitt Artist Pen
  • metallics marker for decorating (nothing else metals, asphalt cowboy)
  • decorative materials such as cinnamon stick, aniseed, beechnut or similar.