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FAQs: Fineliner, felt-tip pens & markers

Is the ink in fibre-tip pens truly harmless?

We can assure you that all Faber-Castell products are free from harmful substances. 
All products in the Playing & Learning field comply with the European toy directive and are toxicologically harmless.

Are the pencils skin compatible?

Our products are designed for writing, sketching and drawing and therefore fulfil the directives for writing tools.  For painting skin or make-up, we recommend using a tattoo pen with tattoo ink. These pens have undergone a special dermatological test and can therefore be used without worries. Tattoo markers are available in the Eberhard Faber product range, for example.

What is the correct way to store fibre-tip pens?

Fibre-tip pens should always be stored horizontally. To ensure that you can continue to enjoy the products for as long as possible, we also recommend storing them in a dry place away from direct sunlight.

What stroke widths are available?

0.1 mm Pitt Artist Pen XS available in black
0.3 mm Pitt Artist Pen S available in 11 colours
0.5 mm Pitt Artist Pen F available in 3 colours
0.7 mm Pitt Artist Pen M available in 3 colours
1.5 mm Pitt Artist Pen round nib available in black and 6 metallic colours
1 – 3 mm Pitt Artist Pen soft calligraphy available in black
2.5 mm Pitt Artist Pen calligraphy available in 3 colours
1-10 mm Pitt Artist Pen brush available in 60 colours
1-10 mm Pitt Artist Pen Soft brush available in 11 colours
0.4 mm FINEPEN 1511 Document available in black, red, blue and green
0.4mm Finepen Grip available in 20 colours
0.8 mm 1554 Broadpen available in 12 colours
0.4 mm Multimark S available in 8 colours
0.6 mm Multimark F available in 8 colours
1.0 mm Multimark M available in 8 colours
0.05 – 0.8 mm Ecco Pigment available in black
0.1 / 0.3 / 0.5 / 0.7 mm Ecco Pigment available in red, blue & green

Please contact our customer service with any questions relating to our products:
Telephone no.: (0049) (0) 911 9965-5410 info@faber-castell.de

Is the ink in the Pitt Artist Pen permanent?

On dry, absorbent papers, our Pitt Artist Pens are waterproof once dry. They can be used as watercolours while the ink is still wet. This is possible thanks to the composition of water and pigments in the ink and makes the pens extremely lightfast, smudge-proof and waterproof.

What can I use to label CDs?

Our Multimark pens or Grip Permanent Markers can be used to label all smooth surfaces.

How can I refill a marker?

Remove the cap from the marker and place the marker tip-first in the inkpot. The capillary system will refill automatically. We recommend leaving the pen in the refill tank for between six and eight hours, preferably overnight. It is not possible to overfill the marker. You can pull out the marker and use it right away with no problems. All of our Grip Markers and the Textliners 1548/1546 are refillable.