Distinctive and pure


The Ondoro range of writing implements is characterised by distinctive and pure contours. Straight lines is the key word! This is expressed with the chrome-plated metal parts and a hexagonal shaft made from high-gloss precious resin. Thoughts and notes can be jotted down on paper easily. The writing implements from the Ondoro range (ballpoint pens, propelling pencils, fountain pens with high-quality stainless steel nib in the widths F (fine), M (medium), EF (extra fine) and B (broad) and rollerballs) fit extremely well in the hand.
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Ondoro smoked oak rollerball
Ondoro smoked oak twist ballpoint pen, B
4 Line width
Fountain pen Ondoro graphite black
Ondoro graphite black rollerball, black
Ondoro graphite black twist ballpoint pen, B, black
Ondoro smoked oak twist pencil, 0.7 mm
Ondoro graphite black twist pencil, 0.7 mm, black
4 Line width
Fountain pen Ondoro smoked oak